Slim Line Chassis Testing
Stock Slim Line Chassis:
Test on a Max Trax 1/64th scale drag strip @ Slugger's International Drag Strip
Slim line chasses was cleaned and Wizzard .500 tires and rims were added to the
stock chassis.  Also AFX Front rims and tires were add for the test.

Fisrts run -- Bad wheel hops  ET 3.089 @ 5.74 MPH

Second run -- fixed Pick up shoes  ET 2.732 @ 5.32 MPH

Third run -- Add JB's Brushes ET 2.192 @ 7.27 MPH

Fourth run --  added ALan's Arm

--run one with new arm ET 2.119 @ 7.30 MPH  bad wheel spin
--run two                     ET 1.838 @ 8.66 MPH much better
--run three                   ET 1.897 @ 8.64 MPH about the same
--run four   I added AFX Super II pick up shoes with the braids and here we go:

ET 1.435 @ 13.52 MPH
               The little motor was screeeeeeeeeeeeeeming

Things left to do to the chassis:
Add radio shack braided pick up shoes
Add shunt wires
Add stronger magnets