Jim Stafoniac, and I hope I spelled JIm's last name correct, Build these for
a friend of mine.  I bought them a few years back and simply forgot I had

The T-Bird Sells for $175
The T-Bird comes with a windshield, Roof, wheels and body. No Driver
The T-Bird is different than other O Gauge Aurora cars,  It has a hood and
fender skirts.  It is resin and it does not come with a chassis..
It is resin and has to be flashed, by you not me.
Some of the T-Birds rear fin tip are broken off, just the very tip of the fin.  I
got them that way and Jim told Steve they came out of the mold like that.
As you can see they are different.
Cars with broken fin tips are $150

The Hot Pepper comes with Rear Bumper and Front Bumper and grill
I only have 3 of these left
Slate, White and Light blue
The Hot Pepper sells for $100 it is resin also and needs flashing removed.

I take pay pal
E-Mail me for any question.
Lime one is sold
Both Slate cars are sold