Records are made and broken
all the time in Drag Racing.  
These are just a few that keep
us going at SIDS
After racing this class of T-Jets for a few years Alan
Galinko and I decided to go NEO.  That is the only way we
had to break into the 0.400 bracket and Alan did it in NJ.
We survived the humiliation and came back stronger than
ever and now we are in the high  0.300 Range and still
gettin it on.
Now when you want real speed you have to
go NEO Powered SG+ or Wizzards Fully
blown Patriots.
So far the SG+ has broken all of the drag
records @ SIDS

New track record at SIDs
.187 E.T. @ 106.87 MPH
9 - 4 - 2006
The MPH Record is held by
Steve Geary @ 115.97 MPH
and also the E.T. Record was shattered with a different car
by Steve @ 0.165 E.T.

Most Speed Records are currently held by USDRA members
First T-Jet to Break the 0.399 barrier and the 50 MPH barrier
Ron Sklenar Broke the 0.598 Barrier with a T-Jet @ SIDS
100 MPH ???
it ran 99.52 MPH
at a sanctioned race in PA
First 0.610 Run @ SIDS
This Pontic ran the first run at over 60 MPH in
West Virginia at Joe Murray,s HODRA event
This is what happened when the car hit the wall about
15 feet from the end of the track that same day.
When this car was finished it ran
105.90 MPH
0.182 E.T.