Thanks to Steve Geary and Eric Hirt for helping build this
track. These tracks have reached speeds of 115 MPH
and E.T. 0.172 of a second.
Only 4 exist to date. Two more are under construction
Steve Geary, Tim Kirk and Rich Haskins Drag Strips are
fully operational at this time.
This Drag Strip is scaled down to 1/75th scale.
That is 17.5 feet of drag strip and about 12 feet of shutdown
The timing system is Trak Mate
Daniel built this system to duplicate the system that NHRA is using  
and he did one heck of a job with it.
We built one of the fastest Drag Strips in the World.  It is laminated Formica top with routed guide and also routed for the rails.  The rails are 98 x
15 thousands. It has 10 jumpers under the track to each lane with 10 gauge wire connecting the two batteries on each lane. All of this needs to have
a real good shutdown area and that is simply 1/4" bar stock for 12' with no power run to it.  The cars shut down real fast when they hit this area.  
The side wall of the track are Aluminum angle and screwed to the side and bottom of the entire length of the track to keep it sturdy. This also helps
with the basement temp changes that causes warping. Total cost of the track was about $500 and a lot of labor for a lot of people.
I ordered two Clear Parma Controller Covers from Scale Auto.  I went to the local Speed Shop and picked up two Trans Break Switches that are
used in 1 to 1 Drag cars.  I drilled out the clear controller covers to fit the Trans Break Switch so that the switch is where the trigger was originally
on these controllers. These switches will handle all the Power that your car wants.
Total cost for the Parma handles and switches was $175
Delay Boxes:
I have them in the basement and have not connected them yet.  I'll let you know how they work soon. Delay Boxes and hook up panel with relay
switches ran $500.
I went to Wal Mart and picked up 4 batteries for about $140 Total
I bought 4 BullDog 30 amp Battery Chargers about $500 for all of them.
I put two batteries on each lane with one charger on each battery.
The track runs on each lane @ 27 Volts
Timing System:
Drag Pro runs $450